Southwold Seafront Walk

This walk covers the seafront area of Southwold. Viewers will start their journey at the Southwold Pier and will continue southwards, covering the many unique and historical points of interest along Southwold’s waterfront. The route passes by the Lighthouse and Gun Hill, learning about their past as well as present day uses, before finishing at the edge of Southwold’s harbour.

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Carlton Colville Walk

Starting at the Crown Hotel, this walk will weave its way through the streets of Carlton Colville, covering a wide range of notable points of interest along the way. Viewers will learn about the Transport Museum, St. Peter’s Church, and the Mardle, and how each of these helped to shape Carlton Colville into the place it is today. The route covers the broad history of the area, finishing at Secret’s Corner.

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Carlton Colville WWII walk

This walk will take viewers through The Dales, a housing development in Carlton Colville that has a secret story dating back to World War Two hiding in its road names. The route passes through the streets, which were named after notable people and places from a tragic bomber crash in the area. Viewers will learn about the history of the crash, as well as a separate incident involving a Doodlebug rocket, where the walk finishes at Low Farm Drive.

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Overview of project

The east walks project aims to get people in and around the east active, even if they can't leave their homes. A series of virtual walks will take viewers around different areas, passing by various points of interest along the way. Interesting facts about the area will also be shared with the viewer as they move through the route. Mental health and social isolation are two of the CP's priorities, and this project aims to tackle both by helping people to get active and learn more about their local area.

Getting started

We've put together some top tips to help you feel the physical and mental benefits that even small increases in physical activity can bring. However you choose to move, it's all good for your health and wellbeing. Even including small bursts of activity across your day all add up and help you move more. So, whether it's seated steps, moving your arms while seated or standing and walking on the spot - every little helps!

Pace yourself

It is important that you listen to your body when you exercise. You may feel warmer or even slightly breathless at the time, with muscles and joints getting a little sore a day or two after. Don't worry, this is normal! However, only do what feels comfortable for you, particularly if you have a health condition. Don't push yourself if you feel yourself becoming tired or are in pain. It's important to build up your exercise levels gradually over time.

Look after your health

Remember to drink plenty of water before, during and after activities to help your body stay healthy. When exercising, make sure to wear comfortable clothes that allow for a good range of movement.

Getting outside

If you can, we encourage people to go outside and exercise. Only do this if you feel ready to, and it is safe to do so. You could walk in your local park or even your garden. Getting outdoors, even for a short period, can boost your mood and reduce anxiety - providing you're doing so within the government guidelines. You might even be inspired by these videos and do one of the walks in person!

Virtual Reality Headset

If you are using Virtual Reality (VR) goggles, please ensure that you are always aware of your surroundings before beginning use and while using the headset. Use caution to avoid injury and remain seated unless your content experience requires standing. Serious injuries can occur from tripping, running into or striking walls, furniture or other objects, so clear an area for safe use before using the headset.